Sunday, July 03, 2005


Because of limited fund, we have not got building structures for worship in most of the villages. We worship under trees. The structures accommodating the pupils in the schools are very poor. Apart from man power development for which we need prayers, we also need prayers for the following items for effective outreaches to the many unreached villages:

I. Vehicles
II. Film projectors.
III. Generating sets
IV. Fund to acquire and erect worship centers and schools
V. Salary for missionaries
VI. Christian films/Video cassettes for evangelism and discipleship
VII. Christian literatures on Muslim evangelism, discipleship and
leadership development.
VIII. Bibles
IX. Loud speakers
X. Amplifiers
XI. Microphones
XII. Megaphones
XIII. Vehicles, Drugs and Medical equipments for mobile clinics
XIV. Motor Cycles (for missionaries in rural areas)

It is expensive to reach the lost. Will you pray that the Lord of Harvest will send more Laborers into His field? Can that Laborer be you? The human, financial and material resources needed to for us to fulfill Christ’s mandate is enormous, our Lord however is able;He is working through us and He can work through you... Will you be our Partner to reach the Lost for Christ?


All the villages are very strong Islamic strongholds, very resistant and hostile to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. However they are also plagued with abject poverty and absence of all social infrastructures such as potable water, educational institutions, health care centers. Our strategies to reach them with the gospel therefore include:

I) Medical Outreach
Christian health officers in our organization are mobilized and equipped with drugs to offer free mobile medical care and health education during which the gospel is presented in love and better understood and received. The response has been very encouraging.

II) Educational Outreach
Most of the villages in which we work do not have basic educational institutions, they however have a lot of growing children. We therefore build primary schools and offer basic education to the children. The schools cannot sustain themselves because of the poverty level of the villages and have to be heavily supported by the mission. Limited fund at the organization has not allowed us to reach many of the villages with education. However the students in the established schools have been responding to the gospel and are followed up to higher institutions. A lot of sacrifices are made by the teachers and missionaries in these villages.

III) Water Supply
We dig wells for communities without potable water and this open door of communication with the chiefs and elders through which the gospel is being preached to the villagers. We trust God for abiding fruits.

IV) Film Show Outreaches
The villagers are mostly farmers with no means of entertainment. Our film show form a kind of entertainment but through which the gospel is being preached with results.
Ilorin is the capital city of Kwara state. It is situated in the middle-belt of Nigeria. The city is the gate way between the Northern part and the Southern part of Nigeria in 1983. Ilorin has a population of over 1 million people. The predominant religion is Islam. Over 99% of the indigenes are Muslims. This is also typical of all the surrounding villages around this ancient city. All these communities are 99% Muslim.

The Lord has helped the mission to secure a permanent land of about 8 plots with a worship hall that could accommodate as many as 3000 worshippers at a time. From here the mission sends out missionaries locally and internationally. We have over 40 churches in Nigeria towns and over 60 in rural communities.

The mission has a television ministry that is relayed weekly in 3 television stations reaching up to 18 states in the federation.

The mission is involved in interdenominational discipleship and leadership development work for Children, Teenagers, Youths, Church workers and pastors.

We work in over 60 villages all of which are 99% Muslim. These villages have been grouped into zones for effective missionary work. The zones are as follows.

This zone comprises of Oniyere, Gbedde, Jabata Agwanmangoro, Alagbado, Faje Olusubu, Budo Jesu, Alaruru, Pakuta, Gambari, Asinleke, Alagude, Elewuro, Oloya, Ago, Ologbo, Igboroko, Saka Idiari and Ajase.

Oniyere vilage is a predominant Muslim community. The NTCM has constructed a church with a population of about 20 adults and 22 Children with 2 missionaries leading the church-Bro Olorunmaiye D.O and Bro Akinyode A. Nursery/primary school has been established with 85 pupils and three missionary teachers-Bro Dele Popoola, Sis Turayo Adedirin and Sis. Abigail Olaiya teaching the pupils. The teachers are also doing discipleship work in the village.

Jabata village We have sent a missionary (Bro Abeeb) to the village for discipling the converts in the community. He and two others Bro Atiku, Sis Adedirin are presently discipling over 20 converts.

Balogun village is a Muslim community. Church attendance has over 36 adults and 35 Children, mostly non-natives. Bro Olorunmaiye is the missionary in charge.

Gbedde village is a predominantly Muslim community. They persistently resisted the gospel. Presently, the Lord is giving us the heart of the people. Attendance to Gbedde church is now above 14 adults and 11 children. We presently have a missionary (Bro Bayo) doing the work of discipleship in the community.

Gembari/Asinleke. The two villages were brought together as a fellowship in 2004. Church attendance is over 30 adults and 25 children. Our missionary teachers (Bro Oladele Popoola and Sis Florence Aremu) precide over the church.
Other villages mentioned are constantly visited even though there have been resitance and hostility, the Lord is giving us encouragement.

This zone comprises of Ballah, Budo Are, Elere, Aloba, Agbege, Eyenkorin/Ogele, Obate, Ikudu Baba. Ballah, Eyenkorin/Ogeleand Ikudu Baba are Muslim communities. We have already established local churches in all of them. There are 32,20,42 regular worshippers respectively in these villages. The natives are difficult to reach due to their strong Muslim background. There are non-native rural workers working relentlessly to evangelize and to do discipleship work. They include Bro Oluwasikun, Bro. Jide Ibitoye, Bro Bisi Atolagbe Bro. samuel Aliyu, Bro. Jacob Olayanju, Bro. John Abolaji, Sis. Funmi Odeniyi, Bro Sunday Kolawole, Sis Joke Ajayi, Sis Aminu Jayeola and Sis Rachael Amos. This same team is also going to the other communities in the zone for evangelism and discipleship.

The zone comprises of Lanwa, Ekejo, Jokolu, Okuta’la Amu, Babadudu, Adio, Agbankala, Abogunrin, Ayetoro and Bako. Lanwa, Ekejo, Jokolu villages are Muslim communities. There are 35, 54, 35 regular worshippers respectively at Lanwa. Ekejo and Jokolu. There are 8 missionaries working very seriously to evangelize and to do discipleship work among them. They include Bro Balogun I.O. Bro Bolaji Olupinla, Bro Adeleye, Bro Elijah Aremu, Bro ibrahim Kolade, Bro Kayode Adeleke, Sisi Kehinde Alibaloye, Sis Suebat Abejide. Bro Sam Obi, the resident missionary posted to the zone has just proceeded on a course at CAPRO Jos to further equip him in the divine assignment.

The zone comprises Osin, Laduba, Odo ode, Morenike, Sapati-Ile, Abayawo, Aiyekele, Ori-eeru, Elewuro, Okete, Kangu, Budo-Oba, Aliara and Ita elepa.
Osin comprises of 16 villages. These villages are Muslim strongholds, evangelism is highly restricted. We have a church building there, where 30 converts are worshipping. Missionaries working in this place are Bro Samuel Olayemi, Sis R.M Ogunyomi and Sis Oke.

Laduba and Odo Ode villages are also Muslim communities. We have already established local churches in these two villages. Service is conducted under a shed at Odo-ode. The missionaries in these villages are Bro Samson Awoyemi, Bro Samuel Korede Sis Adeleke. And Bro Adeyeye.

The zone comprises of Isepo, Tewure, Ajinapa, Olohunda, Alasiri, Ipekun, Bosero, Ayekale, Temidire, Kagode, Ikoyi-Ile, Omidoyin and Araromi.
Isepo is also a Muslim community. A Nursery/primary school was established with two missionary teachers presently. Sis Mercy Fakorede and Sis. Shade Owolabi were employed to teach and evangelise the pupils. They also work with other missionaries: Bro Tayo Agboola, Bro John Elijah and Sis Florence Olorundare from Ilorin to evangelise the community.

Tewure, Olorunda and Ajinapa are three communities where churches like Baptist, Anglican are present. A family (Bro & Sis. Seyi Agunbiade) was sent as residence missionaries to evangelize and disciple converts in the communities. There are other missionaries from Ilorin that go there every week to assist the resident missionary. They are Bro Adekanye, Bro Olaitan Aboyeji, Sis Moritiwon and Sis Odion. The missionaries also visit many of the communities around for evangelism and follow-up teachings.

Lokoja is the headquarter of Kogi State of Nigeria. NTCM international Lokoja has also planted churches in some rural areas to evangelise and disciple converts in the area. The communities involved include Ojodu, Aiyegunle Gbede, Iyara, Oghadamu, Allah.

N.T.C.M International Ibadan, Oyo State has planted a church in Olode village around Ibadan. Other villages under Oyo town in Oyo state include Ajagba, Idimangoro Awosan and Alata. The missionaries working in these villages are Mr. and Mrs. Durodola.

The NTCM international has planted a church at Port Novo, Benin Republic. A family (Bro and Sis Timothy Adebayo) has been deployed as missionaries to the country to commence the work of evangelism, discipleship and church planting.
Benin Republic is known for her Idol worship, which is the state religion. Some are Muslims and only few are nominal Christians. The Lord has provided a plot of land for us but it is yet to be developed for worship center and pastorium. The Lord is helping the church to extend her missionary work to villages in neighbouring states.

Our Background

Historical Background

The New Testament Christian Mission International began in December 1982. It was as a result of a vision and burden for reaching lost souls and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry given to Rev. Moses Rahaman Popoola, the founding General Overseer of the ministry. Rev. Popoola shared the vision with few members who were close to him. This led to a fellowship meeting in his residence at Ita Ahmadu in Ilorin, which was later moved to Wesley Primary School, Ilorin, Nigeria.
As a result of accommodation problems, the fellowship meeting place for NTCM changed from one location to another until God provided a strategically located fellowship center on Taiwo Road, Ilorin in a rented apartment. In 1995, we movede to our Headquarter Worship Center along Stadium Road, Ilorin from where all our outreach programmes are initiated and coordinated at local, state, national and international levels of operation.